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A Romantic Escapade: The Competent Palace

10 June, 2022  |  By Admin

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5 star hotels in Dehradun, Romantic Escapades, Luxurious stay Dehradun is a place well-known for its pleasant and lovely weather and is certainly a great place to visit, sitting just about 250 km from Delhi. Though Dehradun is the capital city of Uttarakhand, it is highly underrated as a romantic destination by couples. Well, that should not be the case, and it should be on the top of your list if you are planning a romantic escapade to the most exquisite locations. 

Apart from shopping on the streets of Rajpur Road and paying a visit to some of the most serene places in Dehradun, such as Sahastradhara and Malsi Deer Park, Dehradun has much more to offer. There are ample 5 star hotels in Dehradun that hold the potential to provide you with an unforgettable experience and a royal-like feel during your stay in Dehradun. 

These romantic resorts set in an architectural style that will force you to fall in love with the location will surely provide you with enough reasons to visit Dehradun over and over again. Some resorts, such as the Competent Palace, are creased in the picturesque, scenic, and breathtaking foothills of the Great Himalayas and prove to be a perfect spot for a romantic vacation with your loved one. 

If you are planning a weekend escape or a honeymoon to a location and a resort that will provide you with great meals, scenic views, 24*7 room service, lush greenery, facilities like free WiFi all over the place, amenities such as swimming pools, beauty centers, and gyms, then The Competent Palace is just the place for you. 

In this article, we will be pondering upon the best reasons why you should be planning your romantic getaway vacation to Dehradun, the heart of Uttarakhand. Along with this, if you are someone who prefers a comfortable, lavish, and luxurious stay, then this article will vouch for why The Competent Palace should be your one-stop destination. 

Why The Competent Palace Dehradun is the Best Romantic Escapade

Dehradun is a place that is comprised of a perfect blend of places where you can make the most out of life and enjoy it to your fullest. With a serene and magnificent view of the mountains and a market area to fulfill your shopping demands, Dehradun is a place that can give you peace with a mixture of all the facilities. 

What adds to the points of visiting Dehradun for your romantic vacation is the fact that it is located just 250 km from Delhi, which will take a drive of around 5-6 hours. Well, the drive is worth it as you will be exposed to the fresh hilly breeze of the Himalayas in the Doon valley. The cool winds blowing in the valley make it a perfect destination for experiencing love and getting romantic with your partner. 

The Competent Palace is certainly one of the most stunning resorts located in Selaqui, Dehradun; that has been reputed as one of the most romantic and royal resorts in Dehradun. Looking for a comfortable and luxurious place to unwind with your partner and enjoy the best of your romantic escapades? The Competent Palace by the Arra Hotel Group is your one-stop destination. 

Discussing the facilities and amenities that the hotel has to offer, it comprises a total of 40 rooms that are well-decorated, designed, and served. These rooms are divided into several categories ranging from Standard, Deluxe, Suite, and Luxury Suite. There are 28 Standard category rooms, followed by 5 Deluxe, 3 Suites, and 4 Luxury Suites. 

Here, you can choose in accordance with your needs and preferences, but you should know that all the rooms are equipped with amenities such as a work desk, a comforting double bed, Television, direct dial telephone, sitting area, mini-bar, exquisite bathroom, and a surrounding atmosphere of nothing but beauty. 

To add up to your romantic vacation and give you some lovely dates, the Competent Palace has an exotic restaurant named, The Clove and a coffee shop for food and dining. The property is situated at a location that is surrounded by lush green fields and beautiful scenic views of the Himalayas. 

Along with this, to spice up the nights and add a touch of booze to your romance, you will have The Booze Bar at your service at the Competent Palace. The bar is backed with both imported and domestic alcohol brands that will be served to you at a reasonable price. 

Activities You can do at The Competent Palace

If you are much of a nature lover, then you can plan a Jungle Safari through the Rajaji National Park, which will surely be an amazing experience for you. Ready to travel a short distance? Visit Rishikesh and go boating at the Assan Bairaj or adventure sports such as river rafting at Rishikesh. 

The Competent Palace will be providing you with all-terrain vehicles for off-road adventures. Enjoy nature walks with your loved one, go on sightseeing tours, Ganga Aarti, and bar games only at The Competent Palace, Dehradun. Book your most romantic escapade to date with the Arra Hotel Group